Since the weather is warming up the project is back in full swing. The first step is to remove the air filter, air cleaner, and plenum. One key item that needs to be addressed at this point is the carb spacers. There are sixteen spacers that help hold the gasket in place at the base of the air cleaner. These spacers sit on the studs that are set in the top of each carb.  These little spacers need to be accounted for as you remove the air cleaner in order to ensure that none of them drop into the carb throats. To help ensure this I set the choke on full which helps reduce the chance of the spacers falling all the way through to the intake. I then checked and made sure each spacer remained on the stud as the air cleaner was removed. If you are not removing the deck lid then you have to take care when removing the air cleaner to ensure that you don’t scratch it. It is difficult to get the air cleaner out without removing the deck lid, but not impossible. At this point I realized that two spacers were missing from the previous owner. I made sure to check that all the spacers were clear before I removed the air cleaner, but just to be on the safe side I used a bore scope to check each throat and choke plate to ensure that nothing dropped inside the car. I then proceeded to design and build throat covers. I placed these on each carb to ensure nothing falls into the carburetor while the air cleaner assembly is off. I fashioned them out of wood so they would not scratch the carbs. They will provide some piece of mind that nothing will inadvertently fall into the carb while I am working. When I removed the rubber boot that goes between the plenum and the air cleaner I noticed that it was torn so I ordered a replacement from T. Rutlands. I also went to Ferrari of Denver to pick up the two spacers that were missing.

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