Coolant System

In order to proceed with changing the timing belts I had to drain the coolant system. It is necessary to drain the coolant system since there is a coolant pipe that goes across the area where the timing belt covers and accessory belts are located. There is a coolant petcock located on the underside of the engine near the rear exhaust manifold. The timing belt write-up from Birdman says to drain the coolant from here or from the front of the car. Since I do not have easy access to the front underside of the car I opted for the drain in the rear. The photo of the petcock is a little hard to see but there is a drain. Upon first glance it is really hard to find but it is there. In order to minimize the mess I used a funnel and hose to help coax the coolant into the container. Once the coolant was drained I was able to loosen the bottom of the coolant pipe and remove the top clamp and swing the pipe down out of the way. During the filling process you need to bleed the coolant system. In order to do this properly and without scalding yourself I would highly recommend replacing the bleeder with an EZ Bleed from Verell at Unobtainium Supply. I installed the EZ Bleed in order to make removing the air from the system much easier.

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