AC Compressor

Moving the AC compressor is essential to creating access to the front bank timing belt. Now this is easier said than done! This portion took me several hours and reminded me of one of those wire puzzles. You have to manipulate the AC compressor through the small space between the passenger side fuel tank and the timing belt cover. This is made immensely more difficult because of the fact that the water pump pulley and crank are in the way. You also have to remove the lines to the vapor recovery canister in order to allow the AC lines to go up and over the fuel tank. Be very careful as you do this because the three pipes that lead from the gas tank to the canister are aluminum and bend very easily and would be next to impossible to repair.

After wrestling with the AC pump for quite awhile I finally had an epiphany and figured out if you face the pulley towards the front of the vehicle it will allow the pump to slip between the tank and timing cover and allow you to hang the compressor out of the way.


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